A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Theatre in English for the whole family - Review

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, retold by Face2Face Theatre Company

How about taking your children to see Shakespeare in English one Saturday afternoon between now and 23rd of April? If you do, be warned, you are in for a huge treat! This is immersive theatre at its very best. Sit back, relax and giggle.

In the space of an hour, this team of talented actors treats us to a Shakespearean comedy retold for non-native English speaking spectators of all ages. Mixing lines taken from the original play with plainer language used mainly by the narrator Puck, the end result is a flawless performance that sweeps the audience away.

There is something for everyone in this show. Children try to keep up with the multiple costume changes, amazed by how quickly Oberon turns into Lysander and vice versa. Adults smile at the humorous verse delivered with perfect comic timing. Everyone enjoys the jokes, especially those delivered by Bottom. With a generous helping of gestures, often slapstick, the performance is easily understood by all and should not be missed by anyone.
Kids in Madrid recommend A Midsummer Night’s Dream for adult theatre goers and families alike. This magnificent production by Face2Face deserves a wide audience and many plaudits. Go for a dose of laughter, an hour full of jokes and an afternoon comedy treat. Leave with a happy, feel good step in your stride and a huge smile on your face.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is showing at Teatro Infanta Isabel until 23 April, Saturdays at 5pm
C /Barquillo, 24- Madrid Tel.: 91 521 02 12
Web: Teatro Infanta Isabel