Fly like a bird with Madrid Fly!

Madrid Fly, the frist wind tunnel in the captial takes off in March!

Madrid Fly is the largest wind tunnel in Europe, offering you the experience of free fall without having to jump out of an airplane.

The concept is very simple, yet genius:

4 big engines with propellers move air up in a powerful, adjustable vertical stream.

Lying down in this wind stream makes it possible for people to “float” on the air and experience the exciting sensation of flying, without airplanes or parachutes and without having to go through lengthy courses. With a little preparation and guidance, anyone can learn to fly.

This experience is absolutely safe and supervised by a qualified instructor at all times, which makes it suitable for anyone* from the age of 5.

*If you are pregnant, have past spinal injuries or have a previous shoulder dislocation, it is recommended that you do not fly. If you have a physical or mental disability of some sort, be sure to mention this when booking your flight.

Mon to Sun from 11am to 9pm