English Hiking Excursion for Families

Hiking Trail - suitable for all ages with native professionals.

Family outing – Saturday – 2nd of April

Hiking in Cercedilla with English activities for both adults and children. Check out this fantastic hiking excursion for families.

6 hours with native professionals

Starting out in a rural house in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Cercedilla) at 12.00 on Saturday 2 April. ·
With games “icebreaker” in English among professionals and family members.
Hiking Trail – suitable for all ages with native professionals.
During the walk, English conversation for adults and games in English for children focused on nature (experiments and searching for treasure and other surprises)
Lunch (not included, though we get a good group price) in a rustic setting with teachers.
After lunch, relax, talk in English if you want, while your children continue playing with more fun and original activities in English.

Maximum 8 people per teacher


  • 1 child 37 €
  • 1 adult + 1 child 65 €
  • 1 adult + 2 children 89 € (or 3 family members)
  • Each additional person 25 €

How to book:

Telephone or whatsapp Pilar 654 037 278 or Natalie 656 283 105
or Email: info@hazloeningles.com

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