Where to donate your children clothes

The end of a season leaves behind lots of clothes that won’t fit your children next year. Discover where to donate your children clothes!

The end of a season leaves behind lots of clothes that won’t fit your children next year. But, what to do with them? We are all aware of the number of refugees and poor families that desperately need some help, so why not give these clothes to them?

Sometimes we don’t know where to take them, so in this post we’ve compiled three great options for you to clean your kids wardrobe and do a nice action at the same time. Just a couple of things to keep in mind: having less resources does not mean that you have to take dirty clothes or full of holes. Make sure you wash them carefully and give them away in good condition.

Benebene: donations app


This App is a kind of Wallapop but instead of buying second-hand things you donate them! It allows you to give away what you no longer need to organizations located near you: food, clothing, toys, furniture, electronics, books, etc. You can also upload a photo of your stuff and wait for an organization to request it. You can download your application, both in IOS and Android through their website, where you will also find all the information you need.

Website: https://www.benebene.org

Fundación Valora

Located in Calle Llanos de Jérez 3, in Coslada (Madrid), this organization specializes in the donation of second-hand items, including clothes. In order to donate, first you have to register in the organization’s website, post your donation (you can include several articles) and wait until Valora accepts your donation. Once this happens, they send a message to all the organizations they work with and then, among requests, they select the most suitable one.


The receiving organization collects the donation and gives it to people in need and then sends you a letter of thanks and some photographs of the donated material in their new destination. Not only it is super easy, but you will also be sure that your clothes go to organizations that really need them!

Website: http://fundacionvalora.org

Oxfam Intermom

The Oxfam Intermón Second Opportunity stores were born in August 2013 as a source of income to finance projects and activities of the organization: international cooperation, humanitarian action, awareness and social mobilization, among others.This NGO offers stores managed by volunteers where you can take your clothes and give them a second life. You can also look at the clothes they are offering and that way help them raise money for their projects.

Where can you find stores in Madrid?

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