Volunteer opportunities with animal organizations in Madrid

Below we will explain the origin of this solidarity race and the places and events dedicated to the adoption of pets in the capital.

Madrid celebrates its annual solidarity race for dogs this week and we know that many of our community are huge dog lovers and want to have more furry friends in their lives! Here we give you more information on the Perrotón and also about volunteering opportunities, animal organizations in Madrid and other ways to get your doggy fix while here.


You’ll see thousands of dogs and their owners running through the streets of Madrid as the annual race is held. Its objective is to promote and encourage the adoption and responsible possession of pets. In its seven previous editions, more than 22,500 dogs accompanied by owners participated.

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, the eight edition of the race will take place, starting at Plaza de Colón at 10.00 a.m.  Participants will go through emblematic spots in Madrid, such as Paseo de la Castellana, Plaza de Emilio Castelar, Paseo de Recoletos, Fuente de Cibeles and Calle Goya until reaching the finish line (a distance of approximately 4 km).

As well as the Perrotón, Madrid will hold an event in Retiro park to adopt pets: El Salón de Adopción de mascotas. The event will take place during the 5, 6 and 7 October at the Retiro park from 11:00 am to 19:00pm.

animal organizations in Madrid

The purpose of this animal lovers’ meeting is none other than to facilitate the adoption of pets and make citizens aware of the possibility of adopting animals as an alternative to buying them. All participating organizations will have a spot to provide attendees with information and educational activities will be organized for the little ones, so they learn about animals, respect and affection in a festive and pleasant atmosphere.

Check the blog pet-friendly places in Madrid for more info about spaces where you can take your pets and if you know any other pet-friendly places share them with us!

Apart from these two events, there are multiple places to volunteer with animal protection associations or collaborate with rescue centers.

Adopción Animal

At Madrid Salud, you can adopt both dogs and cats, as well as animals of other species that once applied the veterinary protocols acquire the status of adoptable. The website also has a blog with advice and tips!

Madrid Animal Protection Center is located near the airport and once you get there you will have a guided visit to choose the animal to adopt, while you will receive an informative talk about adoption. You will need to complete a questionnaire prior visiting the animals

Madrid Adopta

Madrid Adopta is an initiative aimed at promoting the adoption of abandoned animals in the Community of Madrid, bringing their access closer and providing facilities to the potential adopter, always encouraging responsible tenure. Once you access its web, you will find several searching options on adoption sites, events and of course animals.


animal organizations in MadridNUEVAVIDA Adopciones is a non-profit association born with the mission of helping the almost 140,000 dogs, cats and other small animals that are abandoned every year in Spain. It began 10 years ago, with the illusion of several people to save some dogs from death in several dog kennels. Nowadays they have helped more than 10,000 animals find a new and happy life!

They have several options like:

Becoming a foster owner: On many occasions, there are people who want to have an animal but can’t or do not decide to do it forever, and this is where the option to foster comes in. You offer your house temporarily to an animal that needs it while they look for their forever home.

Become a partner or sponsor: You can financially contribute to helping a specific animal.

Volunteer: The two basic tasks for all volunteers are (1) help with cleaning and tiding up the shelter and (2) be with the dogs: walk and play with them, pamper them, brush and / or bathe them etc. You can apply to volunteer through this form.

Spread the word on your social media: Visit their website and spread the URL www.nuevavida-adopciones.org so that people know where to find their new best friend. In addition, you can share their events and workshops on your social networks.

Riva Animal

Riva Animal is an animal protection organization in Rivas Vaciamadrid and they have a shelter called Los Cantiles. They’ve got dogs, cats, and often smaller animals or birds too! If you want to volunteer, contact them at info@rivanimal.org.

Like Nueva Vida they do also have similar options like adoption, becoming a foster, or a partner, and spreading information about their duties and events. You can also donate animal food and if you have a car serve as a transporter.

El Refugio

El Refugio is a Spanish organization specialized in helping abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats, an independent organization that does not receive subsidies from official organizations, companies or political parties. They seek adopters for all kind of animals but you can also donate and help them walk the dogs. Check their YouTube channel for more information.

Animal Rescue Spain

A non-profit association founded in 2014 dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and insertion in families of abandoned or abused animals.

They need volunteers, hands to take care of animals, and people to take care of the shelter. You can also become a partner, a sponsor or share on your social media their events.

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Do you know any other organizations in Madrid? Leave them in the comments section and check our blog for more info about volunteering!