Looking for a family-friendly, English speaking restaurant in Madrid?

Find some family-friendly restaurants in Madrid with Kids in Madrid.

Looking for a family-friendly, English speaking restaurant in Madrid? Here are our recommendations, including gluten-free and vegan restaurants which are great for children.


English speaking restaurant in Madrid

The ubiquitous VIPS chain of restaurants that are dotted around Madrid offer a menu in English and all have at least one English speaking member of staff working, especially during peak times. We at Kids in Madrid love VIPS because of the variety of Mediterranean dishes, the good quality children’s menus, the gluten-free options and the fact that you can eat at any time of the day there, rather than having to wait for the kitchen to open at 1pm (or sometimes even later) at traditional Spanish restaurants. Check out these VIPS with indoor play areas where the children can go and have fun whilst parents enjoy a quiet meal surrounded by Spanish and international diners of all generations.

Home Burger Bar

Home burger barThey have 3 restaurants in the city centre, conveniently located next to Metro stations. The staff are very child-friendly and almost all of them speak English. What is outstanding about these restaurants is the quality of the food. The meat is superb, sourced only from free-range farms and they aim to buy locally whenever possible. These are upmarket diners with reasonable prices that welcome families of all nationalities who love a good burger.

Kilometros de Pizza

Kilometros de PizzaThis family-friendly pizzeria in the heart of Madrid (Calle Zurbano 26) is a favourite with many of our readers. To be avoided at peak times due to popularity, it is the perfect place to dine if you like eating early as it is quiet from noon until 2pm and is open all day meaning you can have an evening meal before the “rush hour” that begins around 8pm. English is spoken and children absolutely love the fact that pizza is sold by the centimetre, meaning it is possible to buy a pizza the same length as your child’s height, if you so wish. It is a fun relaxed place to eat.


CeliciosoOf all the gluten-free establishments we regularly dine at, the Celicioso restaurant in the courtyard of Madrid’s Only You hotel at number 19 Calle Barquillo is our favourite. The choice of food is outstanding and those who are not gluten intolerant forget that they are eating a meal that is wheat-free because it is simply delicious. Children love the decor, especially the mirrored bathroom and the copper pots and pans that look like a drum kit hanging from the ceiling. The multilingual waiters are very approachable. The atmosphere is relaxed. At any time of the day, some customers are eating tea and cakes whilst others are tucking into a three-course meal. Everyone is welcome and everyone is catered for.


A yummy selection of vegan and vegetarian Asian food awaits families in a buffet where diners can eat as much as they want. Children roam around in this informal environment with ease. Intrepid youngsters can try as many combinations of flavours as they wish. Other children are happy with plainer options that are also abundant. Although not offering any Spanish dishes, this family-friendly vegan restaurant is worth visiting in the knowledge that a wide selection of dishes are strictly vegan and that the doors are open to families.

Viva Burger

Viva BurgerThis versatile vegan restaurant situated in the gorgeous, traditional La Latina neighbourhood of Madrid, offers one daily dish from a different country, thus keeping their regular clientele happy with new options to try. The main dish on offer is the vegan burger in many different incarnations, served with incredible salads. The atmosphere is laid back and children are more than welcome. The staff speaks good English and it is open all day until midnight with a daily set menu at 12 euros per head.

Do you have any recommendations to add to our list? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out our other blogs!