Discover the courtship of penguins for St Valentine’s Day at Faunia

Celebrate this St Valentine's at Faunia!

Discover the courtship of penguins for St Valentine’s Day at Faunia

St Valentine's Day at FauniaThis year prepare for an exciting St Valentine’s day at Faunia with penguins as the stars.  Penguins are one of the most faithful species of the animal kingdom. These waterfowl animals that usually form a couple for life will be the focus of the educational talks offered in the Polar Ecosystem of Faunia on 16, 17 and 18 February, marking the occasion of this romantic time of year.

A fun plan surrounded by animals and nature that will allow participants to enjoy the Polar Ecosystem of Faunia, on Friday, February 16, from 8:00 pm.  Guests will know the habits of the penguins and the strong union that they establishes. The evening will also serve to raise awareness among the public about the importance of the conservation programs that are carried out in Faunia on threatened species such as the Humboldt penguin (Spheniscus humboldti), currently in a vulnerable state.

As a prelude to the St Valentine’s dinner that will take place in the Hacienda room, attendees will learn about how to protect the Poles, with individual actions that prevent global warming and also you will discover curious details about the species through the talks offered by their caregivers, discovering which are the most veteran couples of Faunia, like the one formed by the king penguins, Baloo and Natacha.

Among the peculiarities of courtship, the male penguin usually inflates his chest and tilt his head backwards, emitting strong bray-like sounds that help them to recognize themselves even after a long time such as the experience of Georgia and Jordan who, after several years, returned to meet again in Faunia and through their songs, they were immediately recognised each other.

 Weekend talks about the Polar Journey to Antarctica

penguins Faunia

During the St Valentine’s weekend, the public can also learn about the stories of these and other couples as well as their reproductive peculiarities through didactic talks that will be offered throughout the tour of the park.

For fans of penguins, the Polar Journey will allow an exclusive opportunity to access the interior of their habitat, at 3:00 pm, on guided tours by their caregivers, in small groups and with prior reservation.

In the Polar Ecosystem of Faunia there are more than 100 penguins of seven different species: Adelia, Barbijo, Humboldt, Magellan, Papua, King and Saltarrocas and it is easy to differentiate them by their plumage or size.

About Faunia

Faunia is a zoo that has more than 3,000 animals of 500 different species that inhabit 4 ecosystems and 15 thematic areas adapted to special conditions of temperature, light and humidity. The celebration of St Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to know the peculiarities of some of its most fascinating and amazing species on the planet.

St Valentine’s Dinner, Friday 16 February 2018

20.00  Welcome to the Polar Ecosystem, talk about penguins from 20.15 – 20.35.

21.00  Dinner in “La Hacienda” accompanied with live music.

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