Present Giving this Christmas: Special Moments

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to create lasting family memories. By giving adventures and experiences to your loved ones you are giving them enjoyable moments that will last for a lifetime! 

Here are five ideas for special Christmas presents you can choose this year for your whole family where you can share quality time with all of them!

When the sweetest time of the year comes around everyone pulls out all the stops to find the best Christmas gifts for their loved ones. However, when children are involved the present hunting can be a little tricky. Year after year, parents spend time and money on giving their kids what they wished for, only to be disappointed when their children prefer to play with the boxes where the precious toy was packed. And invariably, as soon as the holidays are over most children forget about those Christmas toys, and they join the pile of forgotten gifts from Christmases and birthdays gone-by.

So, why do we insist on purchasing Christmas Presents when we can already imagine their fate? A psychologist specialized in working with adolescents and children Carmen De Lisa Marques from SINEWS is sure that the answer is very simple; Christmas is that time of the year where families are reunited to share special moments, and a gift it’s a way of showing your family that you love them and appreciate their love. With that in mind we all head off on the big present hunt to find the present that will show them just how big our love is. Sometimes however, the best gift we can give to our loved ones could be the sharing of a special moment. Creating memories that will last a lifetime. For this reason, gifting an adventure or experience could be more rewarding as a present than offering something material.

Annual pass “Bono parques”Present Giving this Christmas: Special Moments

This is one of the best gifts for children of all ages, you can choose between three different options Bono Platino, Bono Oro and Bono Plata. The first one includes the waterparks that could be very useful over the summer, and all of them includes the best amusement parks in Madrid and the Zoo aquarium and Faunia.

This pass offers a lot of family fun times and the opportunity to build up marvelous memories over the year. This present gives you the chance to enjoy two theme parks where you will find rollercoasters, different shows and comic book and TV shows characters. The Zoo aquarium and Faunia offers the space to learn and be surrounded by animals from different environments, providing the opportunity to have fun while learning.

“Rock en Familia”

For the Rock and Roll lovers this concert is the chance to enjoy great music while bopping around with the kids. Families immerse themselves in an environment where an entertaining band choose from the rock and roll classics to teach children of all ages, melodies and songs that have formed the soundtrack to their parent’s lives. It is an excuse to hear good music and share with your children and relive your youth!

“Felipe II” train travel

A chance to go back in time on board on an antique train giving your family a glimpse of the twentieth century. An historic train waits for you to travel from Prince Pío station to El Escorial, following a similar route that was used by King Felipe II when he traveled to one of his favorite places. This experience includes a reenactment of some historic scenes, and during the trip you can get to know characters from the past century, setting the mood for a time traveling adventure. There are different package options that you can chose according to your family needs that’ll make for great Christmas presents .

Musicals and Plays

Another great experience to share with family members would be choosing a musical or a play from the rainbow of options that a city like Madrid has to offer. The Lion King, Anastasia, Billy Elliot, Ice Circus, Zarzuela for kids, are a few of the musicals that are family friendly and offer the chance to enjoy a fantastic spectacle that involves music and theater all in one. Also, there are plays such as Summer Night Dream, Rapunzel, The Frog Prince, The Barber of Seville, The Magic Flute, that are geared towards families that want to experience classic plays and to engage little children with culture and the art of theatre.

Cooking lessons

Most families like spending quality time around the dinner table, but sharing the cooking process is an experience that children and parents can enjoy together. The sense of creating something from scratch gives a sensation of accomplishment and pride while bonding with your loved ones cooking or baking something tasty that the whole family can enjoy. A good adventure to explore is taking cooking lessons as a family where all members participate in a rewarding activity.

Bonus option “coupons”

A coupon for your love ones is a way of giving them one of the most valuable gifts in the world – your time! Printable options are easy to find on the web and you can choose from simple things like “valid for playing a board game”, to more adventurous options like “valid for building a fort in the living room”. The options are infinite and can be personalized to the interests of the child. These coupons are also fantastic for children to give to their grandparents, siblings or parents and can be an easy way to help them appreciate the true meaning behind gift-giving.

Christmas is the time of the year to create lasting family memories. By giving adventures and experiences to your love ones you are giving them enjoyable moments that will last for a lifetime!


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