What is it like to be a new dad in Madrid?

Being dad is a wonderful experience and Madrid is a very popular city where many expats decide to raise their children. Read what you should know about being dad in Madrid

Of course, becoming a father is an amazing experience, but what is it like when you’re based in Madrid? One new Dad, Gerardo, whose baby was born in July 2018, gives us more information about what to expect before and after welcoming the new addition to the family. Read on!

Dad in Madrid - 2The process of having the baby

The process of giving birth in Madrid, in terms of the hospital, was so straight forward and simple. I was so impressed with how professional and knowledgeable the staff were and once you arrive to the hospital, the mother-to-be is treated as a top priority at all times. The rooms are perfectly equipped to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

If you’re not sure about which hospital to choose, it is also worth looking at the different hospitals around your area. You can even go and visit hospitals beforehand so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Registering the birth and paperwork

It is important to carry a folder with you at all times to keep all the numerous documents you will be given. The doctor present during labor will give you a yellow form, which registers the birth. Make sure to check that the information is correct (especially your baby’s name) and that it is signed by the midwife or doctor who delivered your baby.

You need to take this document to the local civil registry office within eight days of birth. To apply for a non-Spanish passport remember to ask for a full birth certificate.

You also need to register the newborn in the census. This is mandatory for every new born.

Dad in Madrid - 1Health card

To process the child’s health card and pediatrician you need the family book. The certificate from the census where your son is registered. Also, the certificate where the baby is included under your social security number or the mother’s. Finally, you will need to fill in a form they will give you at the hospital.

Paternity Leave

Once the baby is born, paternity leave in Spain allows dads to enjoy 5 weeks of paid paternity leave (you have to have worked for 180 days in Spain and contributed financially to the system to be eligible). The paternity leave in Spain is paid at 100% of your salary. You can take four weeks immediately after the birth and the fifth week, either consecutively or later within the month after the birth.

Tax Benefits of having kids in Madrid

The Government introduced a new law from January 1, 2018, which says that families in Madrid will be entitled to a deduction of €600 per year on their income tax.

If you are renting a place with your family, you may be eligible for some yearly tax deduction as well so make sure you’re well informed.

Dad in Madrid - 3Get ready to be the centre of attention!

Spain is a very family-oriented country so be prepared for people to stop you in the street to congratulate you! You will notice that kids stay out late and practically all restaurants are child-friendly.

Plenty of activities for children

Madrid has plenty of sunny days, when you can take your baby out somewhere and spend some quality family time. Depending on the age of your children, you can access different types of activities.

Parents Network

Once you become a father in Madrid, a whole network of new friends will open up. You should definitely make the most of this as it’s great to create a group of friends that know what you’re going through and can help you to navigate through this challenging and life-changing experience.

What has your experience been in Madrid with kids? Are you a new dad? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page!