VIP swim with the seals

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A new season where children and adults can swim with the seals at Faunia . Children and adults can learn about these marine mammals and enjoy a refreshing activity in the heat of the Summer sun.


Coinciding with the arrival of good weather, the family of fur seals takes the plunge at Faunia encouraging children and adults to participate in a fun interaction where they will share a refreshing swim full of games and surprises. This activity will be available until 18 October and is the star for the summer at Faunia. Available for groups of up to 10 people, participants will experience the feeling of swimming, diving and even stroking and interact with these gentle marine mammals under the supervision of their coaches to discover the personality of each of the six Members of the group consisting of Ibo, the male, and Africa, Zimba, Yoda, Lua and Opra females.

VIP swim with seals:

Ages: from 4 years of age. Under 9s must be accompanied by an adult. Max group size: 10 people. Times: 11.30 h. – 14.00 h., from Mon to Fri. 15.30 h. -18.00 h. weekends and bank holidays. Duration: 2 hours and a half. Price: 60 €/ from Mon to Thur. 65 €/ weekends and bank holidayss. includes entry to the centre, a snack, an educational prep talk and the swim with the seals. You can only reserve online: What to take and wear: swimwear, towel and flip flops. Other required equipment will be provided.