Sami Apps wins El Chupete

Welcome to the Education section of Kids in Madrid. Check out our blog about Sami Apps big win at the 1th Annual El Chupete, the First International Festival of Child Communication!

Sami Apps won first prize for Best Children’s App in the prestigious international contest in the field of communication with and advertising directed at children

The team of Sami Apps was in the 11th Annual El Chupete, the First International Festival of Child Communication, in which every year it honors the responsible work and the creative capacity of agencies, advertisers and communication professionals that are directed toward the child and juvenile public. Sami Apps was one of the winners with the prize for Best Children’s App, within the Interactive category. Our first physical trophy!
Since our starts, Sami Apps has continuously grown with new applications and languages (22+), and has always defended our philosophy about education and mobile devices. Now we are present in some Smart TVs like the Samsung TV and also on child tablets like Kurio-CLAN. The family of Sami Apps has received many positive reviews from the press and specialty stores for mobile educational applications, as well as from our most loyal users; parents and children.
For us, this prize is an important recognition of our work. The prize for Best App from El Chupete is relatively new, in past years other winners have included Fun Food by Nutribén and iCuadernos bz Cuadernos Rubio, among others.
This year’s jury was headed by the graphic designer and entrepreneur David Cantolla, creator or Pocoyó, and consisted of 17 further professionals from around the world of communication and education. All of them have assessed Sami Apps, from more than 200 entries, as one of the best of the year. The awards were given out in 13 different categories, in addition to 6 special prizes, and 3 grand prizes.
Like every year, El Chupete also organized conferences and talks with leading professionals, researchers and specialists about the most recent tendencies and debates in infant communication and advertisement. This event served as a meeting point for advertisers, agencies, manufacturers, media and education professionals. For Sami Apps the experience was very positive and enriching. We’ll be there again next year!