Resources to help your child learn English

Welcome to the Kids in Madrid education section where we provide you tools that can boost your child's learning. Delve into the article to discover ways to teach your child English.

Kids can be stubborn when it come to learning, but with the right tools all kids can have fun while learning. Here are some resourse to help your child learn English.

These resources have been provided by Amber Reed of is volunteer-staffed organisation with individuals contributing to their cause mainly in the UK and USA. They change the lives of young people through technology and creative learning opportunities. The organisation is dedicated to connecting those wanting to learn with educational materials available online for free.

To help your child improve his/her English language learning Amber has recommended the following websites:

The Effortless English Blog hundreds of free resources, videos and podcasts.

LearnEnglish Kids – free online games to help children learn English the fun way.

English Grammar Basics – 30 lessons on the principles of grammar.

Many thanks Amber

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