Playgroups and indoor spaces for young and older kids in Madrid

There are plenty of places in Madrid to meet other parents, help your kids socialise and also just have a fun indoor place for when the weather gets bad. Here we give you the best options out there…

Great indoor places for younger kids

Espacio Crisálida

French pottery class to go with blog second languagesOn Saturday mornings youngsters from 6 months to 4 years old enjoy Kindermusik sessions with their parents at family-friendly indoor play centre Espacio Crisálida. You can sign up to just one session or come along regularly every week, as you and your child wishes.

Age: from 6 months

Day: Saturdays

Where: Espacio Crisálida on Calle de Juan de Austria, 24, Madrid, Spain

Time: 10:15h-11:15h (2-4 year olds); 11:20h – 12:20h (6 to 23 months)

Price: 12 euros

Booking (required as places are limited): Tel: 915919750 or Email:

Little Kingdom

Families with children aged 6 months upwards find Little Kingdom’s bilingual leisure centre their number one go-to place on cold, winter days. In a vibrant atmosphere where workshops are happening in one corner whilst in the other corner youngsters are enjoying soft play, this informal social club welcomes everyone. Parents can sit in the cafeteria and watch their children or they can get stuck in with the English language activities such as magic, rock’n’roll or dinosaur painting.

Age: from 6 months

Day: Saturdays and Sundays

Where: Little Kingdom, Paseo de las Acacias 67, 28005 Madrid

Time: 11h-14h; 17h-21h

Price: free entry; cafeteria menu prices vary and workshops range in price depending on activity

Booking (workshops): Tel or Whatsapp: 636373021 or Email:

Grey Elephant

Actividades para niños

3 – 10 year olds can go along to Tic Tac Toe English Club at Grey Elephant for two hours of fun activities solely in English. Snacks, arts & crafts, recycling, dancing, music, rhythm, storytelling, and guided play are at hand for this group of intrepid fun-seekers.


Ages: 3-10

Day: Saturdays

Where: Grey Elephant, calle de los Mancebos 17, local, 28005 Madrid

Time: 10h to 12h

Price: 285 euros a term

More information: Tel: 692556227 or Email:

Great indoor places for older kids

MAD Escape Room

How about getting a group of six friends together for an hour’s fun at the MAD Escape Room close to Islas Filipinas? “Finding the right planet” is a role play game designed to entertain and make the children think about finding alternative planets to live on once we abandon Planet Earth. This activity is carried out in English, and they can even organize events at your home or any other location.

Ages: 6-12

Day: Saturdays & Sundays

Where: MAD Escape Room, calle Donoso Cortés, 36, 28015 Madrid

Time: workshops run every two hours over the weekend

Price: 13 euros

Booking (required as places are limited): Tel: 911014544 or Email:

Mr Willbe

Mr WillbeMr Willbe is a creative arts centre for children with a strong focus on stage and screen. From 6pm to 7:30pm every day they offer afterschool classes – some in English – in various new technologies and techniques such as stop motion, sound and music production, illustration and sound effects. On the weekends they offer incredible monthly courses (4 Saturdays in a row) to write, produce, act in and record a short film. Although this short course is taught in Spanish, English is spoken by everyone involved and results are often multi-lingual depending on the children who have signed up to the workshops.

 Ages: 7-12 or 13-16 years old

Day: Saturdays

Where: Mr Willbe, C/ General Lacy 58, 28045

Time: 10:30 to 14h

Price: 190 euros/ month

Booking (required as places are limited): Tel: 681130938 or Email:

What is your number one indoor activity when it is wet and cold outside? Kids in Madrid are keen to find out! Check out our Activities section for some recommendations.