Indoor Activities for kids in Madrid – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

We had great feedback on our indoor activities for kids in Madrid, so we decided to follow up for a very spooky Halloween special!

We had great feedback on our indoor activities for kids in Madrid, so we decided to follow up for a very spooky Halloween special!

Although we all love sunny Spain, we do have to experience some cold and windy days. This is why we wanted to share some of our creative indoor activities for quality and spooktacular family fun!


We have all seen the creepy-looking jack-o-lanterns in movies or around sidewalks, but have you ever tried to make one yourself? Create your own spooky pumpkin right at home! You can even place your original creation right in front of your door to scare the Halloween ghosts running around town.


Check out how to make your own pumpkin monster at home using these four simple steps:

  1. Pick the perfect pumpkin! We recommend choosing a large one so it becomes easier to carve.
  2. Cut off the top of the pumpkin so you can easily scoop out the seeds and fibers inside.
  3. Draw your sweet or spooky face on the pumpkin. Use a small knife and carefully carve out the pumpkin’s new look!
  4. In order to make your pumpkin shine, place a little light inside and you will be ready to start haunting your neighborhood!

For more information please check out BBC’s Good Food blog here 


Choosing the right Halloween costume can be tough and sometimes expensive, so how about trying to make your own right at home? Our chosen costume to share with you this spooky Halloween is a…

Member of The Incredibles Family!

How super! I think we all loved The Incredibles 2, one might even say that it was better than the first one!?

Here are some basic tools you will need to create the costume. Feel free to choose any of The Incredibles family members either by yourself or play along with friends and family! Let’s try Jack Jack – the perfect toddler costume!

Needed Materials:

  • black gloves
  • red t-shirt
  • red leggings
  • black shorts
  • black shoes
  • cardboard paper
  • scissors
  • string
  • felt tip marker


  1. Use your felt tip marker to draw the Incredibles logo on the red shirt (If you have a yellow or orange marker/clothing paint make sure to add those in too!)
  2. Make your own mask!
    Draw a mask outline on the cardboard paper. When the mask is cut out place 2 little holes with scissors on each side. Cut out one long piece of string that fits around your head. Use the string to make a small and tight knot on each side of the mask. Make sure the make is secure and you’re ready to use it for your super costume!
  3. Finally – time to get dressed! Put on the black shorts over the red rights. The final items should be the black gloves and mask

You’re now ready to go trick or treat! Remember, be careful with your new superpowers!


Have you ever wanted to know how squishy a worm or a witch’s eyeball can be? Try scaring your friends and family with the frighteningly fun spooky mystery box! This easy to create activity will have your friends and family screaming of… laughter (with only a hint of fear)!


Follow these simple steps to make your own spooky mystery box:

  1. First, find any type of box that can fit a hand. We recommend using old shoes or tissue box
  2. Now for the fun part: you’re open to chose a variety of spookily strange materials to fill the context of your box. You’re welcome to have as many as you want, just make sure it fits in the box!
    Here are some of our ideas that can easily resemble something spooky:
    – mashed up grapes
    – cut up tomatoes
    – cooked spaghetti
    – wet lettuce
  3. Find spooky and strange names for your simple ingredients (For example, cooked spaghetti can be slimy worms)
  4. Put the chosen items into different compartments in the box. You’re welcome to use different items to cover up the holes (ex: bubble wrap or sheets) so that the players can’t see anything they’re touching!
    *If you use watery materials with a cardboard box make sure to first cover the box with plastic wrap*
  5.  Now it is time for some creepy witches fun! Show your friends and family the list of gross names that the items could be and have them guess which item they’re touching! Will it be maggots or a witch’s nose? Who knows?!

Halloween Indoor activities

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