Having a baby in Madrid on a budget

Having a baby in Madrid doesn’t come cheap, but there are some ways to cut costs before your little one arrives. Here we give you some great ways to save on the necessary.

Having a baby in Madrid doesn’t come cheap, but there are some ways to cut costs before your little one arrives. After all, you’ve got enough to be worrying about already!

Search second-hand

Madrid is a great city for second-hand purchases and freebies. Since babies grow so quickly, a lot of items can be found at great prices with very little wear and tear. Some great resources on Facebook are Facebook Marketplacemadrid baby/kids  clothes swap and donate, and the Wallapop and Vibbo apps.

When we started looking for nursery furniture, we managed to get a crib and changing table for €30, a Moses basket in the original packaging for €30 and a Fisher-Price Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo for €10. We also managed to find some great bargains like a baby carrier and a bouncer for €5. Everything was in great condition and really clean.

There are a few second-hand baby shops around Madrid too, like Baby Eco. You can search for what you need online and check which stores have it in stock before visiting them in person.

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Talk to friends

When we announced that I was pregnant, we were inundated with kind offers from friends who already had babies, and wanted to pass on stuff that they no longer needed. One of the biggest expenses that we were anticipating was going to be the pram and stroller, but we were offered travel systems from three different friends! In the end, my parents bought us a new set, so we passed on the others to other new mums who were delighted with them.babies in Madrid

Groupon, not just for getaways

Groupon has been a great resource for us. Since we don’t have a car, buying online has obvious benefits! I never really used Groupon for buying goods until I was pregnant, I only ever used it for vouchers and getaways. In the last few months though, they’ve had some great baby deals. We’ve bought a co-sleeping crib, a baby swing and a foam alphabet floor mat for much cheaper than we found anywhere else online.

Shop around

If you see something online, make sure to check other websites before committing yourself to purchase. Prices can vary hugely, so much so that ordering from a different country can sometimes work out cheaper, even when you’ve added shipping to the cost. With Amazon, for example, prices can vary across their .es, .com and .co.uk websites, so it’s always worth checking out different options before heading to the checkout.

One of my favourite bargain finds is our Uberchild travel system. We spent a long time comparing prices online before we found the Infababy website. It’s an Irish website with free shipping to Spain in just a few days. I would never have thought that making such a big purchase abroad would have saved so much money!

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Hit the sales

40 weeks gives you plenty of time to prepare, so make the most of seasonal sales, especially for items that you’ll use all year round. We stocked up on loads of things in the January sales, even though our little one wasn’t due until July. In Madrid, the big sales are normally held from 1st January- 31st March, and 21st June- 21st September. A lot of shops also have mid-season sales too. If you’re eyeing up a particular purchase, it’s definitely worth asking if it will be reduced in their next sales.

Sign up for discounts and freebies

Many websites offer you a discount code on your first purchase when you sign up to their newsletter. If you don’t want to receive emails from them, you can always unsubscribe later!

If you’re having a baby in Madrid through the public health system, make sure to take advantage of all the freebies! Through your GP you can get pre and postnatal vitamins, iron tablets, and folic acid at a reduced price, as well as any other prescriptions that you might need. Most hospitals will have a breastfeeding consultant on request and will also provide you with necessities like nappies, pads and creams.

Make the most of Madrid

Having a baby in Madrid can feel like an isolating experience, especially if you’re an expat and don’t have many friends or family members in the city. However, it’s a great city for new mums to get out and explore even if you’re on a budget. Have a look at local events in your barrio, or try to arrange a meetup with other mums.  Local health centres often hold weekly or biweekly meetings for new mums and babies, where you can have a chat and get some support. Make the most of a sunny terraza and grab a coffee, or take a stroll around a museum on one of their free days.

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