Buba, the Asian Elephant at Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, Takes his First Trip

Special farewell to our beloved Buba and Jangoli. Activities, workshops and talks for young children on this fabulous endangered species

On 22 September, Buba the Asian Elephant will travel with his ” aunt ” Jangoli to Malaga where they will be integrated into a new family group as recommended by the European Programme for the Conservation of Endangered Species.

Next weekend on 19 and 20 September, the public can say goodbye with special organised activities taking place from 11am to 6pm at the zoo.

On September 22 , Madrid Zoo Aquarium bids farewell to its dearest Asian elephants, Buba and Jangoli , with a special educational program which will run throughout the weekend , 19 and 20 September as a special farewell tribute to these wonderful creatures. Buba ‘s birth in March 2013 , marked a milestone at the Zoo by becoming the first Asian elephant ( Elephas maximus) born in Madrid and the second in Spain. Two years later, this little pachyderm marks his first trip to Selwo Aventura (Málaga) along with his adoptive aunt, Jangoli.

In two years time Buba should have a promising future as a breeding male with the aim of ensuring the conservation of the Asian elephant which is a classified endangered species.

The importance of working on the reproduction of this wonderful land mammal through conservation programs  held in zoos, avoiding inbreeding among members of the same group when they reach their reproductive age and facilitating their transfer to other parks, within EAZA, broadens their genetic diversity but also ensure their reproduction and conservation in other European zoos.

Puppet shows and other educational activities which are being held to bid them farewell

During this first trip, Buba will be accompanied at all times Jangoli an adult female, who became her surrogate mother after being orphaned last year. Both will travel together to their new location in the Malaga Selwo Adventure Park in Estepona  where they will be integrated into the group of adult females of the same species. We will need to wait a few years, around 8 or 9, to see Buba become the breeding male of his own pack.

The  whole team at Madrid Zoo Aquarium are sad to see him go but excited at the same time. To celebrate, the zoo invites the public to wish them farewell on 19 and 20 September from 11 to 6pm when these wonderful creatures will be honoured with children’s puppet shows , talks and workshops.

Educational Program and Jangoli farewell to Buba (19 and 20 September 2015 ) 11.00- 17.00.  Educational monitors will help children learn to design their farewell cards and hang them on the special elephant tree.

Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
Casa de Campo, s/n, 28011 Madrid