Home baking ingredients in Madrid

Ever wondered where to get baking ingredients in Madrid? In this post, we've selected some of the best places that will make your confections so delicious!

Anyone who loves baking will sympathise with celebrity baker Olivia Potts who recently mentioned on Radio 4 how she had to cross Paris to buy a slab of the best Bretagne butter that France can offer. Move abroad and your access to those special ingredients that make your confections so delicious is suddenly curtailed. Ever wondered where to get your hands on candied fruit, piping gel, parchment paper, coloured fondant icing and other cake decorating supplies in Madrid? In this post we’ve selected some of the pest places to get baking ingredients in Madrid.

City centre shops

Third generation experts in providing articles for commercial and home baking, there is nothing the lovely staff members cannot source for you. Looking for light corn syrup, whipped cream stabilizer or pistachio paste? Your search is over. It is worthwhile going with a Spanish speaker as English is not their forte!

This pretty shop close to Diego de Leon metro station is a treasure trove for sprinkles, angel food accessories, spatulas, nozzles, zesters and other baking ingredients in Madrid. They have second location just a few meters from this one and often offer one-day courses on baking for kids and dults.

  • La Tartienda C/ Gallegos, 10 (Metro Vicalvaro) – Tel: 912 99 10 11 

Searching for sugarcraft supplies, buttercream mix or glucose? Why not check out La Tartienda (only open weekday afternoons from 5-8pm) for those practical ingredients that turn your confections into perfect sweet dreams.

  • Decake C/ Virgen María nº 7 local, esquina c/ Jesús Aprendiz (Metro Conde de Casal) – Tel. 913505008 – info@decake.es 

This boutique bakery supplier has the best selection of cute cake toppers in the city!

Out of town

Dulce Ilusiones have 2 lovely shops where you can find a wide range of ingredients including bakery emulsion transfers and food paint. Their staff are incredibly approachable and the stores are packed with practical gadgets too.

Here are suppliers of kosher and gluten free ingredients. This store is also the best place to find typically American ingredients such as marshmallow fluff / crème and modelling paste.

This gorgeous speciality food shop is worth a special visit just to browse their unicorn food products and Wilton bakeware.

Home baking ingredients in Madrid

Ingredients from home

So how about finding pecans or sweet mincemeat, for example? With 8 stores in and around Madrid, our friends over at Taste of America have all those products that both British and American home bakers miss. Taste of America’s founder, Dana Knowles, has recently set up a yummy dessert store called TheCookieLab, running alongside Taste America’s c/ Serrano store, which offers delicious and incredibly instagrammable cookies for clients of all ages.

However if, at the end of the day,  you’d rather have someone bake you a cake for you instead, British baker Dale who runs the Beard & Whisk bakery in central Madrid is someone many expats turn to on special occasions.

So now you have no excuse… you can bake yourselves happy here in Madrid this autumn! Be sure to check out our blog for lots of tips on living in Madrid with your family!