What to Pack: Baby Changing Bag

Here we give you a handy list of what to pack in your baby changing bag so you're always prepared for whatever baby throws your way!

When it comes to packing a baby changing bag, you need to make sure you have everything you’ll need, while being conscious of the weight of what you’re carrying around, especially in the Madrid! We’ve

produced a handy downloadable checklist of what to include in your baby changing bag for you to go ticking off as you pack!

Here we’ve narrowed a list down to just the necessities with help from Louise, our mum-to-be blogger, but we haven’t included anything for mums that are breastfeeding so if you would like to contribute to this list, email info@kidsinmadrid.com and we will add it in!

Changing bag

To avoid having to drag the pram all over Madrid, I’m planning on baby-wearing in a sling as much as possible, so I wanted a changing bag that was comfortable and easy to carry. I found this one on Wish.com* for only €21. Shipping was surprisingly fast and they also have other cute prints with woodland creatures on them. I’m not going to lie, I did contemplate buying two!

It’s waterproof and has loads of pockets to help keep everything organised. It also has a pocket on the back where you can fit essentials like a phone, keys and a purse, without worrying about pickpockets. It can be worn as a backpack or can be hung from the stroller, so it’s ticked all the boxes for me!

*If you use the code jbcvwrb you’ll get 50% off your first purchase on their app!

Changing Mat

I love this changing mat from IKEA. It’s only €6 and it’s got a waterproof backing and the fabric is soft to the touch. It’s simple and does the job without any fuss. We also picked up some disposable changing mats to place under this one in case we ever find ourselves needing a quick change without access to a table.

Change of outfit x 2

I’ve packed a little vest and a romper in case of any accidents when we’re out and about.

Hand sanitising gel

Self-explanatory really, babies can be messy! I carry around a 100ml bottle that I refill from a larger container at home.

Poop bags

Since we have dogs at home, we have a never-ending supply of rolls of poop bags. I looked at buying diaper disposal bags for throwing away nappies, but they were more expensive and came in boxes which made them a bit more awkward to pack. Yes, they were scented, but how much of a difference does that really make? At the end of the day, we’re still talking about poop. The dog bags come in a little roll and can be neatly tucked away, and work out much cheaper.

Muslin cloths

We’ve packed a few to use as burp cloths, nursing covers, wiping up spills, or playing peek-a-boo. Just some of the millions of uses for a muslin!

Baby blanket

I’ve packed a small, knitted blanket in case it gets chilly. I really like these knitted ones because they fold up small but are breathable and nice and cosy.


I’ve packed two, just to have a spare in case of spit-ups. I really like these bandana-style ones with absorbent fabric on the back.

Cotton wool pads

I prefer the pads to cotton wool or balls for changing nappies and cleaning up spills since they don’t shed as many fibres.


The general advice is one nappy for every hour that you’re out, plus a spare or two (you never know when you’ll be caught unprepared!)

Baby wipes

For nappy changes and messes. We’re using Water Wipes because they’re quite gentle and don’t have as many chemicals as a lot of other brands.

Sandwich bags

I love using sandwich bags for storing wet or dirty clothes until we get home. They’re also great for organising changing bags that don’t have a lot of pockets.

Hat and booties / socks

Babies seem to have an incredible knack of losing socks and booties, so we’ve got a few spares packed in case her little toes get cold. Since babies lose quite a lot of heat through their head, we’ve got a little hat to keep her warm too. If the weather is nice, you can swap it for a sun hat.

Nappy cream

We’ve gotten a few good recommendations for creams from other mums. MooGoo Natural Nappy Balm and Weleda Nappy Cream with Calendula seem to be the favourites!


If your little one uses a pacifier, don’t forget to pack a spare! I really like these ones because they come in a little steriliser box that you can use to carry them around.

Breast pads

Even if you’re bottle-feeding, the first few weeks can be a little “leaky”! It’s good to have a few breast pads to hand, and even a spare bra. A spare top can be useful too if you don’t get to the burp cloths or muslins in time.

Bottle of water

Carrying around a tiny human is thirsty work! Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

For more information on how to prepare for your little one, check out our other mum-to-be Madrid blogs.