4D Scan in Madrid

Here our mum-to-be in Madrid, Louise, gives us the low-down on 4D scans and shares her experience.

Seeing your baby on the monitor is one of the most magical feelings in the world, especially when you’re pregnant and desperate to meet them!

Throughout my pregnancy, especially in the early days, there was nothing quite as exciting as seeing our little baby on a monitor. The ultrasound scans helped to make the whole experience feel just a little more “real” and made us feel that we were one step closer to meeting our little one. However, as exciting as those little black and white scans were, they hadn’t prepared us for the excitement of a 4D scan.

For my birthday in January, I got a gift of a Groupon voucher for a 4D scan with Ecomibebé in Madrid. I had no idea what to expect from the experience, as we hadn’t previously considered having a 4D scan done. I contacted the clinic and they recommended making an appointment around the 27-week mark. They explained that any earlier, and the baby’s features can be difficult to make out as they haven’t started to put on fat, so they can look a little unusual. If you leave it too late, it can be difficult to get a good picture or video as they run out of room in the womb, so they can be quite squashed and tend to hold their hands in front of their face. I was advised to drink some orange juice before the scan, to help encourage the baby to be active, and was also asked not to use any creams or lotions on my bump for 48 hours before the scan as they can affect the quality of the reading.

On the day, we turned up to the clinic and were greeted by a friendly smile. Sara showed us to the room and let us get settled for a few minutes before we started. During the scan, there was a small monitor beside me and a large TV where we could get a better view. She started with a black and white ultrasound just to confirm the size, position and gender of the baby and then swapped to the 4D scan. Honestly, when we saw our little girl’s face on the TV screen, it took our breath away. It felt like we were meeting her for the first time! The quality of the 4D scan was so clear. 

It was an incredible sensation to both feel her moving inside me, and to see her on the screen at the same time. It was like having a window into my womb! We got to see her touching her face and sucking her thumb, and after a while, she turned her back on us, as if to say, “Ok, I’m done now!”

After the scan, we got a CD with over 30 photographs and videos of the scan, as well as a little hamper with samples of baby products. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and a lovely opportunity to bond with our baby.

For anyone considering getting a 4D scan in Madrid, I would 100% recommend Ecomibebé. Thanks, Sara for making the experience so special!