School is out! What shall we do about the kids?

Camps, nannies or grannies – what have you opted for this summer?

School is out! With so many weeks stretched ahead of them, our children have plenty of time to relax, have fun and keep up with their English in a less formal manner too. Apart from all the tips on how to help your children with their English during school holidays that I mentioned this time last year such as word games or English-only snack times, in Madrid there are many opportunities for your children to practice English on a daily basis.

Ad hoc days

If you are in two minds about signing your children up for a fortnight of activities in English, one option you could consider is letting them spend the day at one of the English language urban camps that are dotted around Madrid this summer. Kids Fun Ideas, English Escape and Hello! Creative Movement all have rates for ad hoc days and would be delighted if your child were to join them to see how they get on in their fun-filled environments.

Tailor-made English activities

For those of you who prefer to leave the car in the garage and use your home as a base, perhaps you could consider discussing the tailor-made options available from McAleer Solutions or PM Language Group? As well as providing support for older children who have been set work or projects for the summer holidays, they also have diverse programs for younger children. Both companies have experience in providing flexible hours and personalized solutions.

English speaking nannies/ au pairs

With an English speaking nanny or au pair at home, your children have no choice but to speak English on a daily basis! The experience can be immensely rewarding for all involved: children, parents and “guiri”. Companies such as Irving Scott and have built a strong reputation for excellence in matching families with au pairs / nannies to mutual satisfaction.


Sus Pequeños Pasos (3-6 years old) Summer Holiday Camp, The British Nursery (1-7 years old) Summer Camp and Nariz Roja (2-10 years old) Art and Summer Camp all offer summer entertainment in English for early learners. They firmly believe that the younger, the better!

Older kids

This growth area of children’s English services has seen the number of activities on offer for kids aged 10+ increase rapidly over the past few years. I can’t wait for my own children to be old enough to take part in them! Summer in the City is a truly American experience in the heart of Madrid, whilst CEU schools have teamed up with Melton Language Services to offer a remarkable program of activities. Meanwhile English-on-the-go’s summer program is based at Wisdom School with special emphasis on sports and team working.

Are there any options for August?

Yes there are! The fabulous British city farm school in Pozuelo is running its English camp continuously throughout the whole of the summer.

Mi pequeña Granja

Alternatively, The Grey Elephant offers an English language summer arts camp during the last fortnight of August with limited places left – book soon so as not to miss out.
Whatever you do, wherever you go, have a very happy summer holiday! More from me in September.

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