My Gecko Box – a review and special promotion for KIM readers

Here at Kids in Madrid we were lucky enough to have been sent some brand new products by My Gecko Box to review. We spent a fun filled afternoon making the crafts and reading factsheets about underwater creatures and pirates.


When the boxes arrived we had absolutely no idea what they would contain. This unexpectedness factor of My Gecko Box products is delightful. Our children were thrilled to be presented with a box full of surprises to delve into.

In brief:  My Gecko Box is a box of surprise kids’ crafts with an educational twist.

Description: Designed to encourage creativity and curiosity in young children, these children’s craft boxes are filled with exciting projects which expand upon a central theme: rainforests, pirates, safaris etc offering a series of activities with ranging levels of age-appropriate complexity.

KIM meets My Gecko Box

The first box we opened was the Discovery Box. It contained an Amazing World Under the SeaThis included five craft activities, individual instructions manuals and a colourful glossy factsheet. The craft activities were varied and required different skills, thus keeping the children engaged throughout. Each took between 10 and 25 minutes to complete and required minimum parental support. The instructions were easy to follow. Each step was intuitive.

Unique selling point: We think the monthly subscription* is a fantastic idea! Likewise the three-month gift subscription. A new Discovery Box arriving once a month jam-packed with craft activities that will entertain and enlighten the happy recipients in equal measures – what a great concept! The subscription package makes an ideal gift for those of us who live abroad and want to send a gift to youngsters back home.

* My Gecko Box has provided our readers with a special promotion (see end of review for details)

What we liked: the attention to detail. When we opened the box we found the crafts had been hand wrapped in tissue paper as if they were a birthday gift. Every craft was completely self-contained and included everything required: glue dots, sticky back plastic, needle and thread, modelling clay etc. Rarely have we come across merchandise so carefully and meticulously assembled.

When we finished assembling the Discovery Box we opened the Mini Kit and discovered it contained a thrillingly engaging Pirates Beware pack.

Inside this Mini Kit, we found a sew and stick craft activity, a fact sheet and illustrated instructions. The craft activity included learning how to thread a big (safe) needle, sewing felt pieces together to make the hat, decorating the skull and cross bones and sticking them to the hat and threading the eye patch. 

Unique selling point: As well as being excellent crafts to use in the classroom, we think this Mini Kit, and related products (dragonfly brooch and dancing mermaid), would make excellent party favours.

What we liked:  seeing our girls concentrate and learn how to sew, followed by smiles and an enormous sense of achievement when completed.

Buy this product

Discovery Box: These can be ordered individually at 24.95 euros per box or can be bought as part of a 3 month gift set priced at 59.85 euros. Also, one Discovery Box is sent monthly as part of the subscription scheme which costs 21.95 euros a month. Mini Kit: 5.99 euros.

Mini Kits and Discovery boxes are available to purchase by subscription or ad hoc from Shipping in Spain is free for all boxes (Minis and Discovery).   Shipping to U.K. has a flat fee of 1€ for mini kits or 2.50€ for Discovery Boxes.

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