About Dyslexia….

Dyslexia has become very important in the educational field due to 5% of the poplation being affected. This blog is an introduction into problems dyslexia can cause children.

In recent years the term “Dyslexia”, has become very important in the educational field because dyslexia is a difficulty in literacy lerning that affects a high number of children and which presents problems in achieving educational success.

Unfortunately, the lack of professional training, inexperience in early diagnosis, and incompetence of the educational system to address the specific needs of dyslexic children have led many the dyslexic children to label themselves for years as vague, clumsy or clueless.

Despite the fact that legislation of the Spanish educational system calls for “Attention to diversity”, the reality is that in schools it is still necessary to “achieve a homogeneous standard” to pass or fail, without taking into account that not all children learn in the same way or at the same rate. Therefore, it should be considered whether dyslexia is a problem of the child in question or of the institution that does not know how to adapt to the needs of that child.

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