Crece Bien – camps for Easter, summer and Christimas

Is it important for a child or teenager to know how to manage their anger, fears or sadness? Would you like your children to improve social skills like communication, empathy, or assertiveness?

If yes, then you will love Crece Bien.

Crece bienWho are Crece Bien? They are centers based in Madrid that specialise in the teaching and development of Emotional, Social and Learning Skills for children, adolescents and adults.

Over the holidays, and in their two centers in Madrid, Crece Bien are offering a fun, different and very enriching activity. A learning for life. The camps have been created to teach and develop tools for children and adolescents to feel happy and competent in their daily lives, both personal and at school. In a fun way, they help them manage their emotions, improve their self-esteem, enhance skills such as communication and empathy.

It is a unique camp where:

  •     They can learn emotional intelligence, social skills through learning and studying techniques together.
  •     They can choose the schedule and duration of the camp (activities from 8am to 5pm and with dining service).
  •     Parents can choose from the following programs:
  • Emotional Intelligence Programs: Discover (Start in Emotional Intelligence), Master (Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills) and Create (For Little Emotional Intelligence Experts).
  • Programs of learning and effective study: approve (recover pending subjects), advance (learn to organize and better use time) and exceeds (for learning difficulties).
  • Skills programs for success: emotional intelligence + learning and study techniques (Programs Reinventa, Genio and Conecta).

Children undertake these activities with others in a group with children of the same age, following a fun system and carried out by educational psychologies with more than 10 years experience (centers authorized by the Community of Madrid). Your children will enjoy the tranquility of the experience.

In addition, parents will have a free initial counseling session to assess the goals they would like to achieve and develop a budget and timetable, and another session at the end of the camp, where they will receive personalized guidelines on how to continue and improve the work at home.

Benefit from discounts for early booking or for large families, single parent or with an unemployed parent. Consult all the opinions on the Internet about the camp, you will be surprised.

Groups and schedules available for all ages.

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