Children’s theatre in English: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

A memorable experience opportunity to entertain your children through theatre in Madrid

Madrid-based Children’s theatre in English company Face2Face have accomplished something quite spectacular in adapting the gothic tale by Robert Louis Stevenson for young audiences.

The play

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: The Play

This production of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde takes place in down town New York during the 1940s Jazz Age. There we meet “kind, intelligent and funny” Dr Jekyll and his adoring assistant Jessica as they work in their lab on a secret formula that promises to change the world. Experimenting on lab rats, the hilarious consequences of these experiments are shared with onlookers, provoking much spontaneous laughter from the audience.

At one point the rats themselves take on personas and share a slapstick moment which provides comedic balance just when the storyline threatens to become sinister. In the meantime, the shadow of Mr Hyde lurks in the background and hints of dangerous deeds performed by this alter-ego draws the attention of cunning detective Inspector Sam Diamond, whose sparkling performance gains him many young admirers, especially when he steps off the stage to search for clues among the spectators.

Jessica, after a prolonged stint of well-received audience participation of her own, gains an alter-ego and shines as jazz singer Anita Goodman who works at the Flamingo Club where a quirky Italian barman keeps everyone on their toes. The hapless Dr Jekyll returns to the bar for evidence he believes Mr Hyde left behind the night before… and what follows is a flawless re-telling of this well-known story pitched perfectly to children.

The company

Face2Face is a theatre company that performs English-language shows for children and adults. All of the performers are professionally-trained native English speaking actors with a talent for telling a good story in a visually captivating manner, thus allowing tender-aged second language learners to thoroughly enjoy an hour of theatre in English, as well as their parents.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: The CompanyReasons to go and see Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

This show is side-splittingly funny! Your kids will enjoy seeing you laugh as much as they do. The music is superb, with live piano accompaniment as well as a supplementary jazz soundtrack, and truly wonderful singing by actress Lisa Krosnicki. As Face2Face are wont to say, with them their audiences “practice English until they die from laughter”, we at Kids in Madrid promise you that the feel good factor will keep you buzzing all afternoon.Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Reasons to go and seePractical information

Where: Teatro Infanta Isabel, Calle Barquillo 24, 28004 Madrid (Metro Chueca)

When: Saturday 17th Nov, Saturday 24th Nov, Saturday 1st Dec.

Time: 16:30h

Duration: 70 mins

Tickets: 10 euros, purchase online here.

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