Your One-Stop Shop for Baby's Paperwork

PequeTramites is a company that helps parents of newborns process all of the paperwork that comes with bringing a little one into the world. The company, located in Madrid, believes that the best gift you can give your child is your time and that’s why the handle the processing of all documents so you don’t have to spend your maternity or paternity leave running from government office to government office, submitting all the bureaucratic paperwork for your new bundle of joy and can instead spend your time at home with your loved ones. And they do it all in a span of about 7 days.

PequeTramites handles the processing and management for the following documents:

1. ¨Alta¨  in the social security system for the newborn

2. Civil Registry (for children born to married couples inside Madrid Capital)

3. Processing of Maternity Leave

4. Processing of Paternity Leave

5. Request for the monthly help of 100€ from the government during 3 years

6.  Request for physical, certified copy of birth certificate

7. Certificate of residence (empadronamiento) for newborn

8. Request for help for multiple births

9. Processing of title for ¨large family¨ (three or more children)


They are also willing to answer any other questions you have and offer help with any other paperwork you might be stuck on with your newborn!



Madrid Community of Madrid ES
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