Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church

Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Parish Church

Located near to Plaza Castilla and Chamartin, Our Lady of Mercy is the only English-speaking Catholic Church and Parish in Madrid and has a dedicated mass once a week in English where people from all over the world join together to celebrate.

The church currently represents over 35 countries and has over 500 families or individuals registered. Its activities include Bible study, CCD from K4 to Confirmation (11 levels), Young Adults, CAFÉ groups, the Giving Tree project in support of the Fundación Nazaret among others, our Language Programme, book sales, bake sales, potluck lunches, CCD teachers formation and lunch, workshops for the various ministries (Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers) and retreats.

Sunday Mass at 11:00

Children’s Mass, First Sunday of the month (in which the children act as the readers, ushers, and gift bearers.)

Confessions, on Sunday and by appointment (not by email)

olm@ourladyofmercy.info  (34) 91-733-94-09.