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Grow Parents


Emotional support group for pregnancy and parenthood


Grow Parents is a non-profit project from Nurture to Grow ( which offers emotional support during pregnancy and throughout the first year of parenthood. Grow Parents is a project created with love and passion by two expat moms: a life coach and a psychotherapist.


Grow Parents is a 6-week program, which consists of a series of weekly sessions, each focusing on a preset topic. We make sure parents(-to-be) get the space to reflect on, and become aware of, their own feelings and reality. Parents are invited to share their experiences and doubts with peers while getting guidance and support from our professionals.



Although the Grow Parents meetings have preset topics, it’s not a purely educational or informative course. The focus lays on the unique situation of each of the participating parents. The meetings are group conversations between peers, guided by three professionals: a life coach, a psychotherapist and an expert on the weekly topic. They will ask challenging questions to create awareness and will help parents to process whatever challenge they are facing. The weekly topics are set to guide the conversations and address most of the challenging aspects of pregnancy and early parenthood:

  • shifts in roles and relationships
  • cultural differences
  • opinions of others
  • physical transformation
  • intimacy
  • birth experience
  • 4th trimester
  • and much more.



Besides the professional support, Grow Parents also allows parents-to-be and new parents to connect and speak with others who are at similar times in their lives, creating together a space to meet and connect in a safe and supportive environment. It can be both curing and powerful to hear someone say: “oh, me too”. Sharing your experiences with others that are dealing with the transition into parenthood is a must for every parent.

Becoming a parent might be one of the biggest emotional challenges you will face in life and often we forget that also fathers and partners are greatly impacted by parenthood. That is why at Grow Parents we also invite fathers and partners to participate.



At Grow Parents we strongly believe every situation, parent and child is unique. That’s why personal discovery, acceptance and individual identity are key in this project. There’s no right or wrong, there’s only your unique personalized way. We work towards the empowering feeling of finding your individual way in this new parenthood terrain.



The group allows maximum 6 participants to keep the group dynamic intimate and personal. The sessions take place in a warm and comfortable setting, with snacks and drinks, toys and cushions, so participants can feel ‘at home’ in their new roles and supported by those around them. The presence of the experts and professionals mean than we are able to address some deeper topics and will always work to ensure we help you find further support in a specific area if needed.

Parenthood is one of the most beautiful things in life, but transitioning into it is a bumpy road, we know first hand how important it is to connect and feel held in these new pages of life and we believe in the power of doing it together. Get support, don’t do it alone.



At Grow Parents we understand that becoming a parent brings change to every aspect of life. That’s why our support group specifically focuses on the emotional journey parents go through while transitioning into parenthood.

As all our professionals are also parents, they know first hand that isolation and anxiety can accompany the more positive aspects of the parent journey. After doing extensive research within the mom and expat community in Madrid, emotional support turned out to be a need of many. This is how Grow Parents was born. We believe mental health and emotional well being is as important as physical health. We see emotionally strong parents as the base of a healthy and happy life that can influence the well being of their whole family.

It is now recognized that worldwide 1 in 5 women experience post-partum anxiety and depression, with 70% of them actually hiding or downplaying the symptoms. This kind of anxiety can come in many forms and intensities. Some are easily recognizable, but most of them (such as tiredness and scary thoughts) are pushed aside. We know at Grow Parents that the best way to prevent this kind of isolation is surrounding yourself with a support system and creating space that encourages you to reflect on your practical and emotional needs while transitioning into parenthood.



Love yourself enough so you can love your kids even more. Don’t forget: Happy parents make happy kids!

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