Mi Pequeña Granja Nursery Farm School

An English School in Nature

Mi Pequeña Granja is a nursery school in Pozuelo de Alcorcón, Madrid. This school, which is for children anywhere from 4 months to 6 years, is an Authorized British Centre and part of the Eco-Schools Global Programme which aims to educate young people about the need for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Students at this school are encouraged to interact with each other and with the animals on the farm as to help them develop emotional and interpersonal skills. Through a series of games and activities both in the school and in the garden, the children are exposed to the English language. Mi Pequeña Granja strongly believes in the importance of being multilingual starting at a young age, which is why their professional team of educators is largely made up of native English speakers.

¨Children that live in a stimulating environment develop their creativity very well. Every day is a different day and they can choose the activities they want to do and therefore depend on their natural impulses to discover and learn new things.¨ States the website for this urban farm school.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact the school, the administrative team will be happy to help you in either English or Spanish.