Local Tuk Tuk

Local Tuk Tuk offer tourists from all over the world the chance to get to know Madrid through the eyes of a local while travelling in eco-friendly and original tuk tuks

Come as a tourist, leave as a local

Local Tuk Tuk is a company that specializes in sightseeing tours operating in Lisbon and Madrid. We offer a unique and unforgettable experience to all our customers through a service of excellence.

Our Vehicles

Local Tuk Tuk operates with a fleet of 100% electric tuk tuks that are fun and original while remaining safe for kids. All the tuk tuks are equipped with seat belts to ensure maximum safety.

The kids love to drive around Madrid in a cool and original vehicle and grownups get to experience the best of the city while the little ones are distracted and mesmerised by all the amazing sights.

Local Tuk Tuk Tours

We have a wide range of options available so you and your family can explore all that Madrid has to offer. From the best sellers, Streets of Madrid, Historic Madrid and Madrid Big Overview, to the all-encompassing Wonders of Madrid, there’s a tour suited to everyone!

Moreover, all our tours are private and guided by expert locals who know all about the best family-friendly restaurants and kid-approved attractions. This way you and your little ones will all have a blast while getting to know Madrid’s culture and history.

Book your tour through our website or call us! We guarantee you’ll come as a tourist, leave as a local.

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