La Casita de Inglés

English Academy for Kids!

La  Casita de Inglés is a group of English learning schools in both Madrid and the surrounding areas. However, La Casita de Inglés teaches English in a different way, not using books and tables, and not just always for the kids-there are lots of workshops for the family to join in!

Home Circle ®

All of the classes are taught by English-speaking natives. Unlike other English schools, each class lasts for two hours once a week. There are four different activity rooms and the children change rooms every half an hour to do a different activity. The four activities are: Arts & Crafts Room, Games Room, Dance Room, and Theatre and Yoga Room.

Arts & Crafts Room: Each week there is a different craft to do while learning the targeted vocabulary and grammar. They also do cooking and baking in this room. The children are encouraged to ask questions and speak in this room.

Games Room: In this room, there are a lot of board games and ideas to practice Game-Based Learning, a proven method to help children learn and remember a language.

Dance Room: This is the time of day where children dance and sing along to educative videos, practicing the lyrics and pronunciation. This is also where they do yoga, play going to the market, storytime, roleplaying, and the children are free to express themselves freely.

Theatre and Yoga Room: Children here learn the interpretative arts, the importance of teamwork, and following directions, all while reinforcing their English.

Home Express

The same as Home Circle®, however, it is for 1 hour two times a week. Also, instead of changing classrooms, they spend 15 minutes on each activity-all in the same room.

Mommy & Me

These are theme-based workshops designed to help Spanish parents build up confidence in talking in English to their children.

A 45-minute class for parents (despite the name, it is open to either mums or dads) with their babies. Dynamic, inventive, and working on important developmental skills, each group focuses on important growth goals for the baby while having bonding time with the parent. There are four groups, split by age.

  • Busy babies (6-12 months)
  • Waddlers (12-18 months)
  • Movers (18-24 months)
  • Active Toddlers (2-3 years)

Visit their website to sign up.

La Casita de Inglés also offers a library, and camps in the summer, Christmas, and Easter break.