A Different Type of Learning Centre

Kiddobytes is a learning centre located in the barrio of Prosperidad-where technology and fun go together. The idea of Kiddobytes is to help children not only learn but design their own future. Every day there are huge technological advancements-to the point that many future professions don’t even exist yet.

Unfortunately, schools can’t keep up with the fast-paced rhythm of the world we live in now. At Kiddobytes, children learn how to keep an open mind while experimenting with different facets of technology-robotics, big data, AI, 3D printing, Virtual Reality, and so on.

Looking to the future, not only people working in IT will need to understand the world of IT-as we advance as a society, the whole of humanity will need to understand the world around us, making this project all the more important. Using the mind, body, games, teamwork, and project work, children will learn how to develop their own curiosities about technology and how to use this in their day-to-day life.

The classes are aimed at children between ages 9 and 17, split between two groups: 9-13 and 14-17. Classes last for an hour and a half and are once a week, and each theme is about three or four classes, meaning that between October and June each group of students will cover all 10 themes-although students can start at any time during the year. The groups are usually 5-10 students of about the same age. Each theme is taught by an educator and an expert in that particular field.

Don’t hesitate to check out this one-of-a-kind extracirricular program, which also offers classes for adults, and get a kick start for the future!