Induzi Toys

Ethical Toys Handmade with Love

We create ethical soft toys that are handmade in Spain. We have selected animals on the endangered list and we donate 5% of sales to sanctuaries dedicated to protecting these species. Our hope is that if the next generation has a relationship with these animals, and if parents are made aware of the fact that these species are endangered, we will all be more conscious about making efforts towards conserving these beautiful creatures.

Our toys give your little people the opportunity to learn about these endangered species, to play with the animals and create imaginative stories about them and their adventures.

What does ethical mean anyway? We have chosen to build our company on the premise that we put what is best for others and for the environment over and above profit. We believe in fair labour practices, we have a direct in-person relationship here in Spain with those involved in sewing our toys and we pay them a fair wage. We have ensured that the materials we use are organic and those involved in the production of these materials are fairly compensated.