Huertos Ecologicos

Promoting Conscience Agriculture

In Alcorcón, 13 km SE of Madrid Capital, is Huertos Ecologicos, a plot land that allows people to rent smaller parcels of land to cultivate their own fruits, vegetables, and plants. Started in 2008, this cheap and sensible way to manage crops is a fun way for families to spend their time and save money at the market on food that easily grown. Not only is it fun, it s agood way to get exercise, a creative outlet, and an important teaching tool for children. There are also free range chickens you can buy and pay for monthly for the day-yo-day upkeep, allowing you to pick up fresh eggs when you come to work in your garden!

The huertos also have a sense of community, often hosting event ssuch as paelladas, and other picnics, allowing you to get to know other fresh fruit and veggie lovers!