Goy Gentile Lawyers

International Law Firm

Winner of the Best Legal Start-Up in 2017 by Expansión, Goy Gentile Lawyers is an international law firm that specialises in various types of law. They work in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Argentina. The firm has native Spanish, English, Italian, French, and Russian speaking lawyers-making it easy to communicate with their clients and any third parties involved.

tax law at Goy Gentile Lawyers

Goy Gentile are specialists in tax advisory for individuals, foundations, investments funds, family offices, private clients, and more, on both an international and national level. Other services offered under tax law include: taxation of foundations, taxation of investment funds, taxation and structures for real estate investments in Spain, taxation of corporations, international taxation, residence and domicile, taxation of inpatriates and expatriates, fiscal representation of foreign individuals, inquiries, verifications, audits, inspections and tax litigation procedure, disinvestment tax planning, and strategic tax planning for capital repatriation.

commercial & corporate law 

Goy Gentile often advises both Spanish and foreign companies and many times Spanish companies looking to expand off-shore. They also work with many start-ups, as they have experience with their own legal start-up. Other areas of focus include shareholder’s agreements, due diligence, advice on fundraising and processes, corporate operations, transfers, and more.

REAL ESTATE, inheritance, and family LAW

Real estate, inhertance, and family law transactions, either internationally or within Spain, are dealt with quality and fiscal optimization.