FunFinance Academy

Raising Global Citizens

FunFinance offers business, finance, and economics education to young people, providing them with a strong foundation to continue learning the skills needed to become a doer in the 21st century. The methodology is based on interactive learning, debate, action, and reflection with an emphasis on social responsibility.

The Business Basics program lasts 10 weeks and covers essential concepts such as wants and needs, goods and services, producers and consumers, supply and demand, profit, revenue, costs, assets, investors, land, capital, and labor. As they begin to understand these ideas, they will automatically begin to make connections to the world around them and apply the theories to the real world.

Using an adaptive teaching methodology, Fun Finance Academy teaches the same curriculum to every group of students while adapting the activities to each child’s interest and developmental level. Although there are occasionally workshops in Madrid, the classes are most often taught through Skype, making them easy to schedule and attend for you and your children.