Fama Dance School

Your Dance School in Madrid

Fama Dance School, located in Parque de las Avenidas, is one of the better-known dance schools in Madrid. Offering classes for both children and adults, the various styles they teach here are both fun and good for you.

On top of the classic styles such as ballet, Fama offers different classes for children as well.

Children 3-5

For children ages 3-5 most classes that are taught are pre-dance classes, where the main objectives are to develop motor skills and learn spatial awareness, as well as coordination and rhythm through body movement. Games and exercises the teachers use make these classes fun and keep kids interested in the world of dance.

Children 5-8

Children ages 5-8 now have sufficient bodily control to start training in dance, although some more rigorous styles will still take time as their bones are still growing and moving. Dance classes for children of these ages are focused on movement and coordination to different types of music and not necessarily a certain style of music in particular. The class Funky Kids at Fame is directed at kids of this age group.

Children 8-10

From ages 8-10, kids are ready to start taking more structured dance classes. Their bodies are ready to train at more strenuous levels and they are mature enough to concentrate and follow formal training with discipline. The class Baile Moderno is directed at kids of this age group.

Children 10+

After the age of 10, children usually know their interests and likes regarding types of music and dance. The best types of dance for children of these ages are the types they like, as dance is one way to define your personality. At this age, children are still in time to start ballet classes or flamenco classes, although it is important to remind your kids about how much dedication both of these types of dance takes! It’s also the age when a lot of kids start becoming interested in salsa or other ballroom dances. Fama also offers classes that correspond with the music of the times, for example, hip hop classes.