Face 2 Face Theatre Company in Madrid

The best way to learn English is by having fun!

Face 2 Face  is a Theatre Company in Madrid with many years of experience working with children and youth. They believe that theatrical tools are essential to stimulate the students in language learning, therefore their workshops are done entirely in English, forcing the participants to “think” in the language and use the knowledge they acquire during the workshops. Learning languages is fun because it offers you the possibility to communicate with people from other countries, create connections and exchange experiences. It is important to instill in children a greater respect for the world in which we live in general and for the world of theater and culture in particular.

Face 2 Face Workshops:

Act I (10 -12 years)
This class is a great introduction to the art of interpretation. Children will have fun learning through acting and impersonating funny and interesting characters. With exercises and theatrical games they will get a better understanding of the English language in the best way possible… having fun!

Act II (12 – 15 years)
Children will learn more about the art of acting and theater in this exciting class while practicing their English. They will explore the themes of the play, develop their own character, interacting with other characters at the same time. They’ll have lots of fun rehearsing a play with Lisa Krosnicki, Acting Academy and Summer Camp Director.

Theatrical Games (7 – 9 years)
Play, act, sing, and dance! The best way to learn English is to have fun!

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