Doidy Cup Spain

Unique Design in Weaning

Doidy- the UNICEF approved cup, is available here in Spain.

Why is the Doidy Cup better?

-In each stage of feeding the cup perfectly subsititutes bottles and anti-spill cups

-It helps babies from as young as three months learn how to wean off of breastfeeding with it’s 40-year-old design because it requires the same mandible movements as breastfeeding uses

-For toddlers it’s unique shape makes it easier to pick up and set down, causing less spills.


Drinking from the Doidy Open Cup, babies will continue to receive their nutrients from breast milk or formula, as well as other liquids, using the same techniques used during nursing. Each day the Doidy Cup trains the muscles in the face, mouth, and tongue, while at the same time allowing the baby to breath correctly.

It’s Safe

Made in the EU (Scotland) from the safest plastics-HDPE (high density poliethylene) and doesn’t contain any new or untested products such as BPA (bisphenol-A), Phthalates, or PVC.

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