Cultios de Tela

Cloth Nappies for Babies

Culitos de Tela-Cloth Bums in English-is a family business that was born out of the desire to popularize the use of cloth nappies for Spanish families.

They offer a variety of cloth nappies, accessories, and related products that allows families to buy all of their needs in one shop-saving on shipping or travelling costs. Culitos de Tela became interested in cloth nappies after realizing how much they were spending day to day on disposable nappies. You don’t buy disposable clothing, why buy disposable nappies?

Culitos de Tela also offer services such as certified professionals who help answer questions regarding the use of cloth nappies, how the brands that are offered in the shop and online differ, how to deal with changes as your baby grows, and so on.

The store for Culitos de Tela is located in Alcorcón, however, our website is a great alternative to coming in person to the shop.