Colegio Joyfe

Bilingual Mind!

Colegio Joyfe is a bilingual school located in the barrio of Pueblo Nuevo in Madrid.  The methodology used by Joyfe is one of active learning- where students learn to utilize their feelings to help them with leadership and social skills, as well as learning how to work in a team. Another important learning foundation of Joyfe is something they call ¨learning to play and playing to learn¨, with a strong focus on technology as a means to learn and grow.

Joyfe centres their education around the personal growth of the student-academic, social, and emotional. The students are taught that ¨a better world is possible¨ and how to make the world a better place through classic values such as respect, effort, solidarity, and personal independence.

One of the things Joyfe is most  known for is their Bilingual Mind program. In school they learn English and French, with Chinese and German being offered as extra-curricular activities. They also have a student exchange programme with countries such as the UK, France, Germany, The USA, and Holland.