Children’s Room at Yelmo Cinema

It’s hard to believe that with all the children’s movies released into cinemas, there aren’t more kid-friendly theatres. Yelmo Cinema want’s to change that. They have thought about the movie-loving parents and how to best keep children entertained while at the cinema.

The Children’s Room, known as the Sala Junior, comes equipped with with comfortable seats, small slides, toys, and a grassy area, and other elements that will be a new cinema experience for children in the Madrid area.

Besides the toys to keep children busy while watching the film, there is also a 15-minute break in the middle of each movie so the children can use up more energy and be able to focus more for the second half of the movie.

The theatre is aimed at children between the ages of 0 and 13, and of course, the adults are allowed to enter the cinema with the children as well. You can locate the Children’s Room at Yelmo Cinema in the Shopping Centre Islazul in the southern part of the city of Madrid.

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