Casvi International American School Tres Cantos

A Private, International, Co-Ed School

Casvi Schools has three different institution inside the Community of Madrid: Eurocolegio Casvi-the first Casvi School, a private school in Villaviciosa de Odón, Casvi de Boadilla del Monte-a charter school, and since 2017 Casvi International American School in Tres Cantos. The last of the three schools is a private, co-ed, international school who bases it’s education on the American school system.

One of the pillars of education in all three institutions is the use of the three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes at all the teaching levels. IB programmes encourage critical thinking and innovation. Casvi schools also advocate for the use of language acquisition and international-mindedness. English is the language of instruction in the pre-school and elementary stages, where Spanish is the language of the middle and high school stages. The learning of other languages, such as Chinese, French, and German are also highly encouraged.

The school offers boarding for both girls and boys-where the students can learn independence and responsibility. There are also multiple support programmes, including supervised after-school studies, and intelligent development programmes.